Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tattoo, Hen do and loads of willies! Big posts!

Recently I have been getting a lot of bad work on my arm sorted, so yesterday I had one of the pin up girls I got tattooed 7 years ago reworked and changed into a zombie girl. I wasn't due in to my appointment till 11am but for some reason decided to wake up at 7am in the morning on a Saturday...let's just say I was pissed. Anyways I took a selfie on my way to get tattooed.  I was showing off my glittery creepers as I love them haha.

Well that was the morning session, now begins the Hen do! well I didn't arrive home till 4:30pm and only had half an hour to get ready and had to be back in town....well that didn't go down to well I was absolutely shattered and nearly falling asleep which is why I was drinking energy drinks and popping caffeine tablets. So I got to the Hens house about 7pm after waiting around in town for ages and being caught in the rain!

Well as you can see, tonight was about COCKS! and loads of them!! we played a game of "have you ever?"  basically it's a game were you have to take a shot if you have done something rude before and well, let's just say there was only one question on the board I hadn't done, so I was a bit pissed by the time it finished. The Hen or bride to be should I say looked beautiful too, she is one of my close friends but I hadn't seen her since I had my daughter and it was lovely catching up.
So after a bit of partying the limo arrived!!

We had loads of wine and champagne, I got to use my willy straw in my champagne glass :p which was fun, we danced to Gangnam Style well...sort of. Screamed out of the window at people..why not?! It was a limo and hen do after all. 
                                          Me, the Bride to be Jennifer and our friend Jay!
At 11:30pm I was absolutely shattered, seen far too many plastic willies and had far too much to drink that I just wanted to go home and go to bed. So I rung my Dad, and me being daddies little princess got picked up and went home to my lovely bed...but 'cause I had a drink, my boyfriend said I was talking in my God knows what I said haha, probably talking about all the willies!


I am going to curl up again, and try and rid this hangover! I had such a great night and I loved everybody being there...BRING ON THE WEDDING!! it is going to be totes amazing!! Love Jenn so much, she is a babe!!


  1. Thank you! they were only like £18 from New Look! such a bargain as they're so comfy too!