Saturday, 20 April 2013

Two great days!

I can honestly say the past couple of days I have truly enjoyed myself.
Friday, I went into Liverpool town centre to meet my best friend Kaitlyn and as I have my friends wedding due on Tuesday in London, I dragged Kaitlyn and Rin(my daughter) around town trying to find a nice enough dress for the wedding. It turned out to be a bit of a disaster as I could not find anything that I wanted to wear and I was beginning to lose all faith in finding something. But I should have listened to Kait, as she did say Topshop and I was all "naaah, never find anything" but in the end I ended up finding a lovely black lace dress that will go lovely with the other things I have. If you're thinking "black for a wedding :s" don't worry it's a zombie based wedding which my friends have won a competition by Riptide, the makers of Dead Island. I had such a laugh though yesterday and Rin enjoyed seeing her auntie. We had a little bit of a bitch, and took a sly photo of us three in the lift.
My little munchkin. 

Well today is Saturday and we don't usually do much of a Saturday bar go to the shops for a little walk, and as the other half has been working hard the past three days and he is minding Rin for the two days I am away in London, we had a little family day out. Took Rin for a massive walk down the Wirral coastline and she saw all the ducks and the horses, she was so excited to see them all as she hasn't really been that up close before to a horse. We had chips and some little snacks, the journey back was fun as we went round a different way and it was full of cobbles and rocky roads and she giggled none stop. Now we're home had a little nap and we're shattered. So me being Mummy is going to make dinner soon, not sure yet as I haven't decided haha. Sorry it's not as an exciting post as I hoped but it was just nice to have a day out as a family for once and not having to worry about money for a change. I love my family and I love my best friends too. I shall leave you with a picture of my daughter smiling. As she brings happiness to me. 

And one of her and her Daddy.

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  1. Rin looks so displeased in the first pic hahah!! She is so cute!
    I'm glad you had a lovely time ^__^ xoxo