Thursday, 30 May 2013

Egg donation/consultation.

Okay, I haven't told you guys!

So since the past couple of years of when I got pregnant with Rin, I have been looking into egg donation..which helps other couples to conceive. As I do believe almost every woman has the right to have a child no matter what they have to go through. As I am sick of tired, of always seeing unwanted "parents" who do nothing but have children for the sake of money or they have a child and neglect it. I mean it's not fair in this world to bring a little human being for it not to be cared or loved.
Which is why I want to help these genuine couples, it will be like a little selfless gift to them.

Anyways, I enquired about it a few weeks ago..and no one was in the office, so I left my name and phone number which they got back to me.
They sent me out an application/process form which arrived two weeks ago, I knew all about the process and what it entitles as I had done my research for the past couple of years. So I immediately filled out my details and sent off in excitement. As the past couple of weeks began to creep up, I started to feel slightly disheartened that they may not get back in touch or I may not be suitable.

Yesterday, I received my consultation form!!! And I am booked in for the 19th of June!
I am excited, but nervous at the same I hope I am a suitable candidate as I would  love to be able to just help one person.

So wish me luck!!


  1. This is such a beautiful thing to do, I wish you the best of luck!! :D


  2. Awwh thank you lovely! I will post again about it, once I have had my consultation and keep you up to date <3